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April 11, 2019

Isn't 6 the Devil's number? We get our first caller to the new SoCool Hotline at 708-928-5015, and guess who it is? The Prince of Darkness Himself! Pancake tries to sell his soul to help the podcast, and the boys experiment with a couple new bits. Tom Brokaw checks in with a breaking news update from SoCoolAZ circa 2006, and the SoCool Ladies Yolo Monte Christo and Fauz Gucci join us on the B-Side to discuss a botched purse deal. 

Please rate us on Apple Podcasts and share with your friends, Satan says it's a bear market for souls these days, so all he can promise pancake is maybe a 'hip' podcast - so making it a 'hit' falls on you listeners. 

Songs from Motley Crue, Lil Pump, and The Bangels.

Writing by Christopher Robin & Jerry Pancaque, post-production and editing by Jerry Pancaque. 

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