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October 6, 2019

We're back for Season 2 of SoCool Podcast! Can Pancake and Robin resolve their differences about the Fishbowl? Will Yolo Monte Cristo finally get paid? This episode features the dramatic conclusion of the fight between Pancake and Robin that ended Season One, as they find themselves fighting each other in court. Robin spends $8000 on an old Atari 800XL computer that's 'locked out' of the internet to secure the integrity of the Fishbowl. Pancake spends a ton of money on Gucci shoes and sunglasses. And the boys do a Fishbowl using the new system for the movie Top Gun. 

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This episode is sponsored by Pubes Family farms, and has music from Kenny Loggins and Harold Faltermeyer.  

Special Thanks to The Stone Bridge Studio, and Bill Harrison for production of this season. He never says, "No." Thank you for listening!

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The SoCool Podcast is performed by Christopher Robin, Yolo Monte Cristo and Jerry Pancake. Written by Christopher Robin, Jerry Pancake, and Yolo Monte Cristo.

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