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April 3, 2019

We're Back! In this episode we go right back to the fishbowl for the 1986 Masterpiece - Short Circuit. Johnny Five is Alive BABY!

We have two new sponsers - El Duche's Otherworldly Counseling, and Ass Cream. 

Pancake presses his luck with a Mama's Family joke that maybe goes off the rails. 

Sexy Kids, and songs from Van Halen and El Debarge? 

We also have a whole new old school way to interact with the show - leave us a voicemail or sext us at 708-928-5015 - tell us how cool we are and we might use your voice on a future show!

Thank you all for listening!

Writing by Christopher Robin & Jerry Pancaque, post-production and editing by Jerry Pancaque. 

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