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April 7, 2019

Highlights and lowlights of our first 5 episodes! Enjoy and text or sext us at 708-928-5015, email us at

Done in the style of 1980's Talk Radio -- think 105.9 WCKG and 97.9 The Loop; the SoCool Podcast is two forty something guys trying to stay relevant. Nostalgic Generation X Comedy, Movies, and Video Games. More Gen X than hipster Millennial the SoCool guys will take you down a wormhole you won't soon forget! We tell the stories of our youth through funny commercials, sketches, and bits. Pancake and Robin have been dubbed 'Sexiest Gen X Men' by US Magazine for 7 years running. Our epic lack of research will amaze you, as we do it all from our foggy memories.

Writing by Christopher Robin & Jerry Pancaque, post-production and editing by Jerry Pancaque. 

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